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Hello Everyone! Thank you so much for visiting my website! For those of you who may have checked in in the past 2 years, I'm so sorry I have been MIA! I'm now back. I hope that you have survived/are surviving these extraordinary times. It obviously threw me, my friends and colleagues, this profession, and my world, into uncharted territory. Just a few words about what I've been up to.

In the works, was starting a new music school in the Quad Cities. Once everything shut down, and we were waiting on a lease, and other things, it seemed too far a reach, BUT...we got it done! The Deanery School of Music opened, a gorgeous building in Davenport, that was under threat of being torn down. I welcome you all to stop by some day!!

I put on a series of house concerts during the early days of the lockdown. A few of those are available to view on my YouTube channel. I started teaching (mostly on zoom, but some in person, in Iowa) at the University of Northern Iowa, and Biola Conservatory. I immersed myself in helping my students, always having had a deep passion for teaching, but being pulled in so many directions that it was difficult to establish a teaching base. What I thought was going to last just for 1 year at both universities, became two! When the NYCB started back up in fall 2021 (so grateful) it was a super busy year!

I have now entrusted my precious students to cellists who live in each of these communities.. .but thanks to zoom, I have let them know I will always be there for them in their journey!

With that, I invite you to explore my updated concert schedule, some new additions on my YouTube channel, and be on the lookout for a new CD coming soon, with Rene Lecuona, 3 juicy sonatas by women composers of last century. Hope to see you!

September 11th, 2022

Up Close with Mak Grgić
Quad City Symphony Orchestra
For more information

November 5th, 2022

Masterworks II: Fit for a King
Quad City Symphony Orchestra
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March 25th, 2023

Up Close with the Figge, Women in Music
Quad City Symphony Orchestra
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